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Concussion Awareness

In August 2011, the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board endorsed a concussion policy as an addendum to the Community Standards Guidelines. Article 6 of the revised Standards now requires that at least two (2) administrators from each volunteer league complete concussion awareness training through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at

The online course can be completed in 20-30 minutes. R&P is also requiring all youth sports organizations to provide information on their webpage pertaining to concussions. We have recently created a webpage on our website (see below) with links to the online training as well as fact sheets for parents, athletes, and coaches. It would be sufficient to provide a link to our webpage via your website.

Also, we highly encourage all coaches in your organization to complete the CDC Concussion Course to increase their knowledge of and sensitivity to the dangers of concussions. A concussion can have a long term health impact on a young athlete including loss of memory, diminished ability to learn, and even death.

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